Thursday, April 28, 2011

Charm Swap 8 (CS8) - week 4

This week I have a progress report from Victoria Takahashi of Exprimetal. She sent this photo below of some dies she has made in the past and says  "I will be making a die for my CS8 charm, I have the shape drawn out and I am eager to cut it, but first I need to make the prototype before any real die making will begin." She has been giving us hints but still has not told us what her charm will look like. Seams like she's trying to keep it a secret for as long as she can!
I, Michele Grady,  also have been thinking a little more about my idea for my charms... but thinking is all I could do this week. I have had family from out of town staying at my house all this week which has left no studio time to work on my prototypes. Hopefully next week I will have some time to work on them in between catching up on all the work I had to put off doing while my family is here! I am leaning towards using some photo etching in my charms. I am not sure of the exact design as of yet or what else I will incorporate into my charms besides the photo etching but I'm sure that will come to me soon enough. Here's a sample of some pieces of copper that I have photo etched in the past. Although you can't see the patterns very well on the dirty copper in the photos, the finished pieces are quite beautiful!

*CS7 update...Shannon Conrad of RubyGirl has received all the CS7 charms and they have been shipped back out to the charm swap participants. I was so excited to get mine in the mail last week! Here's a look at all the charms and who they were made by.
left to right, top row
1. Victoria Takahashi of Experimetal
2. Michele Grady of MicheleGradyDesigns
3. Shae Freeman of CitizenObjects
4. Inbar Bareket of InbarBareket
5. Ann Jenkins of Tuizui
middle row
6. Lynette Andreasen of Assymetry
7. Kira Ferrer of KiraFerrer
8. Reagan Hayhurst of ReganHayhurst
9. Elizabeth Scott of ESdesigns
10. Meg Auth of SimplyMega
11. L. Sue Szabo of LSueSzabo
12.Andrea Ring of AmuckDesign
bottom row
13. Su Trindle of QuercusSilver
14. Maggie Joynt of MaggieJs
15. Nina Gibson of NinaGibsonDesigns
16. Ruby Iacuaniello of Iacua
17. Stacey Hansen of WildFlowerDesigns
18. Shannon Conrad of RubyGirl
19. Kathryn Cole of KathrynCole

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