Friday, May 7, 2010

Project Runway Jewelry Challenge 7.15: Finale: Collections!

Here are our three contributions to the collection challenge!
Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet & Ring plus one optional piece!
Congratulations to our jewelry designers!

Dasies on sapphire necklace, Daisy Hoops, Daisy Ring, Daisy Bracelet

A collection inspired by the heart bracelet done earlier in the season including; hollow heart ring, heart dangle earrings, heart bracelet, long heart necklace and a heart tie tack.

I wanted to play more with faceted stones and wonky settings. The setting on the pendant tilts at the tip, the settings on the open earrings tilt toward the center, the settings on the ring are different heights and tilt in different directions.

Thank you to all of the participants in the Project Runway Jewelry Challenge; season 7! These challenges have been a fun and exciting way to stretch our design skills. Enjoy your Summer!


Victoria Takahashi said...

Fabulous collection pieces as usual gals!!!
I love to watch as the season unfolds and your pieces emerge, its like a feast for the eyes!
I cannot wait and hope to fully participate for season 8!

Som's Studio said...

Wow! All these pieces are simply gorgeous!

Victoria Takahashi said...

"get ready to solder peoples!!!!"

Each episode of Project Runway‘s season 8 (premiering July 29 on Lifetime) will be 90 minutes long. They’ll start at 9 p.m. ET instead of 10.

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