Friday, May 14, 2010

Charm Swap 6

Out team members have time to plan and execute the new charms. I am here to watch, rush and keep an eye on  the progress.... (and to tell you the stories behind the curtains).
What I 've heard is , That our team members are giving hard thinking of what they are going to make. Believe me - it's a hard dicision ! You think all the time of what the others will think about your work - I must give my best (at least I feel like that).

I have rumors that ...
 Ann Hartley is working on her prototype
  planning to make us charm in that style

SO.... cool ! I love it!

This week the charm Swap 5 was released to the other members and soon the charms and the charm bracelet will be available on EtsyMetal Shop.

Nina Gibson shows her charms in the Ring a Day Project

I cannot wait to see what next week will bring us here ! Are you ?

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