Thursday, May 6, 2010

Charm Swap 6

Charm swap 6 (CS6) is on the way !!! The deadline for finished charms is September 30, 2010.
CS6 is slightly different from the others. We are making a charm necklace that easily can be converted to a charm bracelet.
This swap is very exciting to all participants! 

We have 20 participants in CS6, each of the 20 participants will create 22 charms - one for each swap member and one to be sold in the EtsyMetal shop along with a Necklace (that can be a bracelet) that features all of the charms. Sales from this swap will go to a charitable arts organization, yet to be determined.

Maria Whetman / Fluxplay is creating Puzzle Pod Charms made of recycled tin, glass and embossed copper. 

Maria says "For the EtsyMetal Charm Swap6 season. I made a mock-up of my design and these were the components."

"After the mock-up I reworked the design. The lense will now be a bevelled glass disc (not acrylic sheet) and the dish will be slightly deeper. Instead of a soldered central tube rivet the lense will be held by a toothed rub-over edge. There will be 2 balls to try and get in the holes. It will be 2.5cm across and about 8mm deep. There will be several different tin inserts amongst the 22 pods."

I am so excited !!! I can't wait to see all the new charms !

Etsymetal Charm Swap 1 Bracelet

is still available on EtsyMetal shop

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