Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Etsy Artist Feature: United Thread

A short while ago I came upon United Thread, a whimsical shop full of gorgeous watercolors, so I wanted to share her beautiful work with you.
The artist, Michelle, went to school at went to Massachusetts College of Art in Boston for Painting and Art History.

Her work clearly has a nature influence to it. In her own words:

I've been gardening for many years. I'm currently a private gardener on cape cod. When I'm not painting I'm working with plants. I would say my work is almost always inspired by gardening, plants, and nature. I'm inspired by the growth habits and patterns of plants.

When asked about her technique, she replied:

I mostly use watercolor paint. I like to let the paint work for me; adding wet on wet and allowing the colors to bleed. It always gives me surprising results. I'm also really interested in creating intricate line work with a fine brush on top of these pools of color to add another layer.

Michelle sells many original watercolors in her shop and they are all intriguing and well worth hanging in any home. You can visit her shop here.

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Fluxplay Jewellery. said...

These are sooooo lovely. They have such warmth and charm, beautiful.

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