Friday, September 25, 2009

The Next Etsy Metal Jewelry Challenge: Project Runway Season 6-Episode 6: "Create a Character!"

Here are our fabulous "eleven" EtsyMetal
participant entries from last weeks'
"Newspaper" theme!
But first, for those of you who are just stopping in for a peek, EtsyMetal is holding a fun freestyle Jewelry Challenge that is coinciding with Project Runway episodes. Every Friday we will post the video snippet (see bottom of this post) of the latest PR challenge, then we post all the submissions from the previous weeks challenge. (as seen below)

#1~ Alisa Miller "Fashion Headliners"
Alisa says, "Mine is paper mache with shades of blue. Then I
put a cut out flowery shape over it with the newsprint
pattern." Alisa's Blog.

#2~ Shannon Conrad "untitled"
Shannon says, "I was inspired by the paper chains I used to
make when I was a kid. I used 26 gauge copper and decoupaged
newspaper to it and folded the metal in a woven pattern. Multi-chain necklaces are so popular right now and I thought
it was fun to take that trend into a different direction by
making one of the strands as a paper chain." Shannon's Flickr.

#3~ Thomasin Durgin "For Heinlein"
Tomi says, "It was inspired by the novel Stranger in a
Strange Land. The text comes from an article on the Chase for
the Sprint Cup. I cut a sheet of silver in a way that reveals
some words and conceals others. The back is copper and the
piece is joined with brass nail head rivets." Tomi's Flickr .

#4~ Nina Gibson "untitled"
Nina says, "Financial Times newspaper (which is pink) and
black watercolor and mod podge and copper wire armature.I wanted to make a piece of jewelry using that hard shell. I
built an armature for a bangle bracelet using copper wire and
paper mache over that using wheat paste glue. The shape of
the armature turned out really well, with a ruffle at one
edge and a wider lip at the other. I wanted it to have the
look of a ruffled sleeve." Nina's Blog.

#5~ Mike Stromberg "untitled"
Mike says, "Newspaper on copper armature with red and copper
spray paint, Sterling Silver bail, Rolled newspaper neck wire
bound with copper and Sterling Silver Skulls. Mike's Flickr.

#6~ Jesse Danger "untitled"
Jesse says, "The newspaper shreds are from the Seven Days
personals section, one side of the page had "just friends"
ads and the other side had "kinky only" ads, thought is was a
fun twist. One side of the page had the "two 2 tango" section
for just friends and dating and the other had the "hot 2
trot" section for full on kinky hook ups. Be careful what you
look for in these clippings!" Jesse's Blog.

#7~ Sara Westermark "St. John's Passion"
Sara says, "I used an old score from Bach's "St. John's Passion" for the paper. It killed me to use a score, but this was a modern adaption by a former choir director who basically edited it and then printed out the scores at a copy shop. It was a score in progress, so there were still edits being made, so it was okay to destroy it." Sara's Blog.

#8~ Beth Cyr "untitled"
Beth says, "I'm pretty happy with this week, although, I kind
of wish I'd started on it earlier. This was my original idea
and I kept procrastinating as I didn't feel it was very
creative. I played around w/ some other things trying to get
a different idea and when at the last minute, nothing - I
went back to this one! My favorite part about it is the view
from the back - how you can see the silhouetted tendrils
through the paper." Beth's Blog.

#9~ Cynthia Del Guidice "Safe News"
Copper sheet fold formed into a vessel with sterling silver wire rolled up into balls. Cut and crumpled up newspaper tucked into its interior. Pin made of surgical steel. The piece was also oxidized and buffed with beeswax. The piece represents the state of news and mainstream media, especially print newspaper, in the world. Cynthia's Blog.

#10~ Rachelle Stromberg "untitled"
Rachelle says, "this is a nest of newspaper with some little pearl eggs on a Sterling Silver ring. Rachelle's Flickr.

#11~ Victoria Takahashi "Polyporus Brackets"
With this piece, I pretty much worked this one as I went. It is made of pages from an Asian book. I lightly whitewashed and glued the cutouts, burnt, painted, stamped, laminated, riveted and then attached to a copper plated steel bracelet. To see WIP photos and previous jewelry challenge pieces please go here.

And one lovely GUEST submission!
Two pieces submitted by Tiffany Nelson.
Tiffany makes 2 paper pieces this week.
Sadly they are not made of newspaper, but they are still really fun and colorful!
1~tissue paper necklace 2~star pendant

Now for Episode 6: Jewelry Challenge-Video snippet "Create a Character!"

Hello Designers! This weeks challenge is based upon 5 different film genres. I ask that you pick 1 genre and write a short story(paragraph) about a character in that genre who would be wearing your piece. Next week I will be posting your short stories along with your jewelry picture.

Also ETA, if you are feeling adventurous, you might ponder your approach to this exercise with creating the "story" first. Then create the piece, maybe it will be the same, or maybe it will open new avenues to your creativity?! I mention this as I caught something the judges were saying in their critique about the designers approach to their pieces, it caught my ear and I thought it might be something important to think about....

Action Adventure

Film Noir

Science Fiction

Period Piece


Now "Carry On!"

*guidelines for guest participants: The pieces you submit should be pieces that are made specifically for the weeks show. Please then post your links in our comment area, then cross-post this to your blog, Flickr, Etsy, etc. And please tag your photos this week with "EMJC-PR6.6-Create a Character". Currently we post your name with a link to your piece on our blog. If we get more participation from our lovely guests we will start posting pictures of your pieces on the blog too! We can't wait to see what you will come up with! Remember, the deadline for submitting your link is always on Fridays, 12 noon, Pacific Standard Time.


Beth Cyr said...

I am so excited about this week's challenge. its perfect.

Experimetal said...

me too beth!
but i still havent got the faintest glimmer of what my character will be!?
too many choices I think!?

idreamicanfly said...

OK, I've been working on this one since Monday. Where do I submit my link when I'm finished?

Beth Cyr said...

just post your links here :)

Experimetal said...

how exciting!
I will add your link to the blog post sometime friday :)

idreamicanfly said...

Sounds good! I'm almost done. I'll post my link tomorrow morning. Do you want a link to my Flickr photo or to my blog entry?

Tiffany Nelson said...

Here is my story piece, fit for any elven warrior or princess ^_^

Hand drawn design (inner and outer) etched in copper. First try at etching and I think I am in LOVE!

idreamicanfly said...

Sliding in just under the wire with my Film Noir Mod Daisy necklace!

I usually turn designs over in my head for weeks before I make them, so this has been a real challenge for me! A day's rest, and on to next week's challenge. :)

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