Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Etsy Metal Finds 9/16/09

The Art of the Coffee Mug

I don't know about you, but I can't begin my day without coffee. I need the sound of grinding beans, I need the smell of it as it brews, and ultimately I need the slight boost it gives me to help me fully open my eyes in the morning.

As a coffee lover, it goes without saying that I have a thing for really cool coffee mugs. My favorite is one I've had for about ten years with a print of a little "girlie mouse" on it. She's wearing knee-high stockings and a dress, she's sitting on a tall stool with her legs crossed, and the caption says, "Caution: Hot Stuff." I LOVE that mug, and I've treated it as nothing less than fine china over the years. If it should ever break, I'd certainly be heartbroken.

So, in anticipation of the inevitable Ultimate Exercise in Clumsiness, whether it be tomorrow or another ten years from now, I've started scoping out replacements. The selections below are all so wonderful that I find myself wanting one of each. And, of course, if *you* find others that you think might appeal to the die-hard coffee drinkers among Team Etsy Metal (and they do exist), please feel free to leave a recommendation in our comments section.

In the meantime, methinks it's time for my second cup...


Top Left: Mug with Pink Interior by kimwestad
Top Right: Button Mad Hatter Mug by madhatterceramics
Bottom Left: Demitasse with Lily Pad Saucer by JDWolfePottery
Bottom Right: Witch Shoes in LOMO by christywhitehead
Center: Frankie by JThompsonPots

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