Friday, September 11, 2009

The Next Etsy Metal Jewelry Challenge: Project Runway Season 6-Episode 4: "The Customator!"

Here are our fabulous "ten" EtsyMetal participant entries from last weeks' "Surf Wear" theme!

But first, for those of you who are just stopping in for a peek, EtsyMetal is holding a fun freestyle Jewelry Challenge that is coinciding with Project Runway episodes. Every Friday we will post the video snippet (see bottom of this post) of the new PR show. We also post all the submissions from the previous weeks challenge.

earrings "Into the Blue" and ring "Seashell"
I have to tell you that Kathryn was done the next day after the show!? She was very inspired this week. And also she was the first to submit 2 weeks in a row! Woo hoo! Kathryn says, "The third week of Project Runway asked the designers to make a beach wear look. Lucky for me, I happened to have these great chrysoprase gemstones that look just like the ocean! I put blue chalcedony stones at the top of the earrings. The sides of the bezels and prong settings have been textured to look like sand, at the same time this has the effect of making those areas extra glittery. I'm quite happy with how these turned out and have to give a nod once again to the runway for pushing me outside of my comfort zone!
To see more about Kathryn and her beautiful treasures see here!

#2~ Thomasin Durgin "untitled"

Tomi says, "Mine is an untitled necklace featuring a silver pendant with a pierced copper stylized wave form and three pearls, the attached silver chain includes drilled pearls strung in an asymmetrical pattern. I generally use gems very sparingly in my work and I had fun incorporating all of the pearls. I look forward to future challenges and the opportunity to approach the designs in a new way." See more of Tomi here!

#3~ Sara Westermark "Beckoning Waves"
Sterling Silver and Copper Handmade chain with hook clasp. The coral figures have inspired me to do a whole coral series with dewy cabochons in aquas and greens set on the copper in a sterling bezel. To get to know Sara a little better check out her blog.

#4~ Victoria Takahashi "A Surfer's Souvenir"
My piece is inspired by my first initial thought about surfing. It is scary! All those giant man eating Sharks creeping beneath the surface. So then that got me thinking about the simple little Shark teeth they sell in tourist markets on a cord. Well I thought, I'm gonna make me some surfer bling!It is hand carved bone, oxidized and fabricated Sterling Silver, and two Cubic Zirconia. It is relatively big and heavy. The words stamped "Mano-Niuhi" mean Great White Shark in Hawaiian. It is a Talisman to protect the surfer. To see more of my past PR pieces here!
#5~ Nina Gibson " Surfs Up!"
Nina has alot to say about all her inspiration and the pieces you see here.
Please see her blog for an insight to the Nina's process!
"You go girl!"

#6~ Amanda Conley "Surfboard and Starfish Necklace"
Surfboard and Starfish Necklace made from Sterling Silver and Gold-fill with Leather, Turquoise and Serpentine. See Amanda's blog here.

#7~ Shannon Conrad "Oceania"
Shannon says, "I made a handmade Sterling bail for a large irregular piece of Larimar. I soldered a bezel cup to the rivet that holds the bail in place and added a pearl. I love how this piece of Larimar evokes the ocean as seen from space... with the blue sea and brown land masses and bits of clouds. I like the simplicity of this pendant. It could be worn with anything
from a bikini to a long, flowy printed sundress.
Please go here to see more about Shannon.

#8~ Cynthia Del Giudice "Algae"
Cynthia says, "It is a pin. Made out of Copper and Sterling Silver with patina and
cultured Pearls. It is inspired on some algae I collected when I was living in Los Angeles."
To read more about Cynthia please see her blog post!

#9~ Beth Cyr "Sea Goddess"
Its fused Argentium sterling silver, patinated, w/ red coral. it will be for sale at some point...
but its not listed just yet!To read more about Beth and this challenge please see her blog.

#10~ Stacey Hansen "At the Beach"
Stacey says, "something surf inspired... since i am not a surfer, i immediately thought of the beaches at home.this mammoth cocktail ring features a huge coral cabochon set in a handmade bezel which is accented with hand cut and filed sea grass and fine silver grains of sand." To read more about Stacey and this challenge please check out her blog!

Now for Episode 4: Jewelry Challenge-Video snippet
"The Customator"

Once again this week is a bit vague to be interpreted into a jewelry challenge. So I have scraped together a master plan, muah hahaha! Here it is:

There are 3 categories, "type, material and style." I blindly pick 1 card from each hat so you end up with a total of 3 cards. This will give you the 3 parameters to work within. For the members of EtsyMetal they will have their cards picked and posted in our forum. And for our *guest participants, just write in the comment box and I will pick 3 cards for you and post it the same day you ask.

Quote from Tim Gunn: "The models of the runway have been invited to a special industry event and what they wear might very well be their ticket to their future. They need to stand out and be noticed to the agents, designers and the press not only see not only their impeccable sense of style, but also their ability to wear and sell 'a look'."

OK so this has relatively nothing to do with our challenge or does it? you decide!

"Carry on designers!"

*guidelines for guest participants:

The pieces you submit should be pieces that are made specifically for the weeks show. Please then post your links in our comment area.
Please remember to cross-post this to your blog, Flickr, Etsy, etc. Also please tag your photos this week with "EMJC-PR6.4-The Customator" Also for this challenge just write in the comment box requesting your 3 cards and I will pick and post the same day in the comment area, so keep an eye out for it! We really look forward to seeing you! Deadline is always on Fridays, 12 noon, Pacific Standard Time.


Emily said...

You guys are all so awesome! Its so cool to see what everyone is coming up with each week. I love that is seems to sort of push you out of the everyday comfort zone. I really need to do this one of these weeks...

kathryncole said...

Hi! I want to request my 3 cards. Thanks, Kathryn

kathryncole said...

PS...Beautiful entries! I am inspired by everyone's pieces. Thank you for hosting this challenge. K

Tiffany Nelson said...

Please pull cards for me, too much stuff on my plate for me to do last week but all the pieces are beautiful!

Amanda Conley said...

great post! i love everyone's designs!!!

Experimetal said...

yay!!! so designers you can make you piece out of ANY material you want, and you can interpret your picked materials in a physical fashion or in a conceptual way.
Also the genre is how you want to interpret it.
"It's all up to you!
Now make it work!"

Earrings, Plastic, Fantasy/Costume/Whimsical

Brooch/pin, Wood, Tribal/Ethnic

Experimetal said...

how everyone coming?
anyone done yet!?
we hve about 8 pcs in right now for Ethy Metal members ready to post tommorow!

Tiffany Nelson said...

I will post mine tonight.....I have to pick up some stuff to patina mine with. I was all out :(

Experimetal said...

hurry hurry tiffany its after noon right now! :)
C'mon designers gather your photos, "it's time!"

Tiffany Nelson said...

I know it is late but just got home...long night..wrong miracle grow for patina...patina can is my piece...Nordic rune for love with burnt wooden inset pieces....broach/pin,wood,ethnic/tribal

will eventually patina the copper turquoise

Experimetal said...

Tiffany! it looks great!
I will get your 'link' up on the blog this once ok? I think its pretty awesome of you to play with us and I hope you continue!
thank you so much for participating!

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