Friday, July 4, 2008

weekly round up

The first week in July! Our theme for this months was "garden", and there have been some wonderful interpretations of this...

Beth Cyr made this gorgeous organic vine piece:

- keep an eye on her shop until it's available there...

Nina Gibson and duckduckGoose both have an ongoing fascination with gardens and welcomed the challenge as chance to expand the line.This is Nina's piece:

(how amazing is that?!) and you can see more pictures here.

duckduckGoose is also exploring the darker side of gardens:

with her midnight garden piece (here)

and Lunasa Designs has made this - wonderful, beautiful - piece:

Isn't that incredible? It's not up in her shop yet, but you can convo here via her beautiful shop.

Next month's theme has a twin motif, which is going to be really interesting... it will be: fusing/melting, kitchen

And now - time to play a fanfare for a couple of our very talented members.

Kathryn Riechart is featured in this month's Savannah Magazine - congratulations, it's well-deserved.

And the incredibly talented Colleen Baran is shortlisted for this year's Next Big Thing from Fred Flare, which is wonderful - and nothing less than she deserves. You can vote for her work HERE. We already know that she's this (and last, and next) year's Next Big Thing - tell the world!

Elizabeth Scott, nanopod and several other etsymetallers have made the front page this week...

Maggie J has made her 400th sale on Etsy - amazing, but Maggie's work is fabulous and unsurprsingly popular.

Amie King has two shows coming up: Orland Park, IL:
July 12 & 13
and Midsummer Festival of the Arts, Sheboygan, Wisconsin: July 19 & 20

Such a lot to happen in one week!

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