Friday, July 18, 2008

EtsyMetal News 07.18.08

What a Friday Front Page! Couldn't resist posting it here. Six, count that - 6! EtsyMetal members on one front page! Congrats to Brooke, Sara, Clare, Caitlyn, Alisa, and Delias!

A couple of important other important pieces from this week. Brooke Medlin of gemmafactrix is a finalist in a design challenge - check it out here on Ponoko.

Elizabeth Scott of esdesigns was featured on a great blog this week!

Amie King will be at Midsummer Festival of the Arts Sheboygan Wisconsin July 19 & 20 - stop by and say hi if you're there!

1 comment:

Brooke Medlin said...

I don't remember seeing that front page! What a nice one. :) Thanks for mentioning my contest entry!

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