Monday, July 7, 2008

Ash Hilton

Large Sterling Silver Windfarm Ring

Ash Hilton hails from New Zealand, and is one of the newest members of Etsy Metal. With design in mind, and the earth in his heart, Ash Hilton creates one of a kind creations that are low-impact and interesting.

Toi Toi Earrings

1. Where do you live, and where are you from?
I live in Nelson, New Zealand, a large retirement village at the North end of the south Island. It's not actually that bad, there are lots of other jewellers around and the sun shines every, single day. No matter what. I grew up on the West Coast in a small windswept farming community of 600 people. It's literally at the end of the road, one way in and one way out. I had lots of time to build and design things, mainly model airplanes and ways to torture my younger siblings, I guess that's when a seed got planted.

Apple of My Eye Sterling Ring

2. How did you get started working with metal?
I was at a loose end after years of working as a chef and kind of fell into a weekend jewellery course. I really loved it and things grew from there. I worked with an established jeweller in Auckland and then as part of a collective of four jewellers back here in Nelson.

Nice Pear Ring

3. What are a few of your favorite pieces at the moment?
I'm really enjoying fabricating my own alloy from beach gold and making very simple bands. It's all very low tech but I find simplification very satisfying.

Ethical Gold Lancewood Ring

4. What inspires you (artists, objects, interests)?
I'm a bit of a tree hugger at heart so I'm quite interested in the localisation of things, slow food and fairtrade. It's hard living at the bottom of the world and having to send jewellery on long plane rides but I'm trying to offset my carbon by growing my own broccoli.

Large Windswept Trees Cuff in Silver

5. Do you have any other artistic interests?
I'd like to do some furniture design and woodworking sometime. I've always wanted to make a table but I'm going to need a bigger workshop for that.

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