Friday, July 11, 2008

EtsyMetal News 07.11.08

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First off I want to say thank you to Sophie for filling in for me last week as i was gallivanting around Boston! What a better place to be on Independence day, amongst hundreds of thousands of other people? It was quite an experience. I've never seen so many people running towards fireworks - literally, I saw hundreds of people running through intersections (yes while cars were driving through them) just to get a closer and better view of the display. Quite fun though. On Saturday we went to the Harvard Natural History Museum - they had an amazing display of minerals, elements and gem stones. I've never seen a natural slab of silver as big as a huge serving tray, a quartz crystal about 4 times bigger than my head and other fantastic geological specimens. It was quite amazing. I took pictures with a friends camera, but haven't gotten any of them yet. If you ever have a chance to go there - I highly recommend it - $9 for hours and hours of looking at fun stuff!

On to the real news of the week! Ashley Akers of ashleyjewelry has a wonderful write up on indie pretty perfect - you should definitely check it out! Way to go Ashley!

Shannon of Rubygirl and Caitlyn of discomedusa will be at a show tomorrow (July 12th) in Portland on Mississippi Ave - check out the site for more info and stop by and say hi if you can!

Jessi Taylor will be at the West Seattle Summer Fest which looks like loads of fun!

Stop by and see Amie King at the Orland Park, IL art fair.

Nina Dinoff has made the trek cross country from NY to SF to do the Renegade fair under her Swizzlet collection.

Rachael Sudlow passed her 3,000 sale mark! That is quite amazing if I do say so myself!

You still have time to vote for Colleen Baran in Fred Flare's Next Big Thing!

And of course a whole bunch of front pages this week including (but not limited to) esdesigns, jessitaylor, ashleyjewelry, and maggiejs! Congrats ladies!

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