Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tip #2 - Liver of Sulfur

tip #2
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If you like for the backs of your ear wires to not have a patina - but want it on the front - here's a little tip!

Though quite easy to figure out, it took me awhile to do something other than throw the whole ear wire in the liver of sulfur and then polish it off the back again.

I use a little container that had some face lotion in it - its only 2 oz, so small enough that you can fill it up to the top easily. It also is fairly large around - so you can do lots at the same time. Mix up the liver of sulfur and fill it to the very top. I usually set the lid back on top to keep the smell down a bit, but what kind of photo would that have been?

After the fronts are all done, I take a bit of steel wool or pumice and fade it out a little so theres not a line.

Have a happy Wednesday!

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