Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In the studio with Catherine Chandler

Today is the first in a new series called in the studio. The first one is with the lovely Catherine Chandler! Catherine is from Oregon, but almost spent four years studying at South Australian School of Art in Adelaide. Her work is minimalist and organic. She's uses sterling silver, copper and stones to create a world that is all her own. Check out her Larvae Earrings!

1.) tell us about your studio. how long have you been there? where is it? (in your home, arts center, store, etc.. and city)

My studio is in my home, in Portland, Oregon. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment, so the largest bedroom is a studio split between myself and my partner, Dave. That's where I have my bench, hydraulic press, soldering station, and photography set up. Dave is a computer nerd, so he has a wealth of computer and photography stuff in his half of the studio. I also have a "home office" in the living room where my computer, desk, printer, and miscellaneous paper work reside.

2.) what is your favorite tool you have? why?

Definitely, without a doubt, my torch. Dave bought it for my birthday in 2007, after I'd gone for a year without one. I tried to do work with cold connections, but it's just not my style. Having a torch is absolutely essential to my practice. Second in line for my favorite tool would be my Boony Doon Hydraulic Press.

3.) what do you listen to or do while working?

I use Dave's computer for music while I'm working. I either listen to a playlist I have on there, or I listen to various artists (Feist, Brandi Carlile, Ryan Adams) on last.fm. Music is background noise to me but it helps me think and concentrate. Unless I'm doing something really detailed--then it has to be quiet and no one can talk to me :)

4.) what time of day is your favorite to work?

I usually end up working more towards the later half of the day, just because my mornings are busy with getting errands done. I tend to work more at night, just because there are fewer distractions around, or when I have the house to myself.

5.) do you have an inspiration bulletin board or something else that you keeps you inspired? do you have a picture of it?

I used to have one in my old house, but haven't really put anything up in the studio except for some images of artists' work that I like. I do tape up ideas that I have on our closet door, though, which help me remember what I'm supposed to be doing! Most of my inspiration is found through nature, or my own ideas. Sometimes from the many, many blogs that I subscribe to, and sometimes from items I've inherited from my family.

6.) can we get a little sneak peek of what you're working on right now?

Sure! I just finished a ring with Turquoise in it, and a little silver pebble. I'm also working on making caps for two Pigeon Blood Agates, which has been an interesting experience.

I will soon be working with Oregon Sunstones, as well, in my work. Recently, I purchased a square Labradorite cabochon from Ashley Akers' Olive and Aqua Etsy Shop, which I am really excited to make a ring with. I used to have a beautiful Labradorite ring, but one day the stone fell out of it and I have been searching for years for the perfect square Labradorite to replace it! I have only recently started using stones in my work, and I'm really enjoying the ability to incorporate more color into my pieces.

Thank you, Catherine! See Catherine's work on her website, on etsy, and at her blog.
And look for another in the studio post next tuesday!


Ashley said...

I love your new work Catherine, especially those labradorite earrings! I can't wait to see what you make with that big 'ol labradorite cab. You have a great studio, by the way.

Catherine Chandler said...

Thank you Ashley!

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