Friday, June 27, 2008

EtsyMetal News 06.27.08

Whew! Its Friday again! How the week went by so quickly. I'm sure there is loads more news than I'm thinking of right now, but everything just seems like a blur!!

We are really enjoying our new members and a big piece of news this week is from Danielle Miller - her cufflinks are in INSTORE magazine!! whoohoo!! Thats awesome!

Shannon Conrad of Rubygirl is having a show this weekend in Portland - she's been super busy working all week to stock up - so stop by and say hello... buy something for me from her, will you, please? thanks. email me for my address, I'll take one of everything :)

And I think this week might have been a record week for EtsyMetal front pages! Course, it doesn't hurt that we have new members too.

Congrats to:
Downtothewiredesigns, ninadinoff, ashleyjewelry, mkwind, jessitaylor, kismetdesigns, maggiejs, mushkadesigns, discomedusa, mikeandmary, ashhilton, experimetal, daniellejewelry, cynthiadelgiudice, gemmafactrix, sirenjewels, indiaylaluna, nectarjewelry, sudlow, lenastudio and markaplan!! wow! way to go team!!

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