Tuesday, June 17, 2008

In the studio with Chris Parry

This week we're going to get a sneak peek into Chris Parry's studio and his own shop!
Be sure to check out Chris Parry's Etsy shop, website, blog, and Flickr.

From his Flickr

"This is my workshop / shop. I am based in Gravesend, Kent, UK.I am a bespoke jeweller and make silver, gold and platinum items. The retail space at the front of my shop enables me to sell work from other hand made sources. I currently stock about 10 other artists work. "

This is his bench that looks out to his shop.

Here are close ups of his bench. In the second picture look at his brilliant way of storing files in tubes on the left. He built this bench for the space.

Here's his finishing station. He also has a great tool room

This is where Chris meets with his clients to design custom jewelry. Most of his work is custom.

Don't know if i mentioned this yet, but Chris is pretty much a genius. He's taken these little magnets and countersunk them into his bench. That way his steel bit will stand up and he won't lose or have to constantly look through 85 boxes of bits. Brilliant!

1 comment:

Danielle Miller-Gilliam said...

Oh yes! That magnet idea is GENIUS! BTW, I love the new "in the studio" series...what a great way to get to know your fellow artists!

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