Wednesday, August 1, 2012

EMJC – August 2012 - Inspired by Alexander Calder

Our August challenge due to July 31st was:
Inspired by
Alexander Calder
Please show us the inspiration piece and yours!
You can get inspired at
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Can't wait to see what you are going to create !!!

"I like to take advantage of these challenges and do something that I've been wanting to try or experiment with, but haven't yet taken the time. I've loved the way Calder sets his stones and have been wanting to try it. I used a piece of steel and enameled it then attached the polished pebbles.

"I actually did two pieces for this challenge, a pendant inspired by a Calder painting, and some earrings inspired by his mobiles."


On July monthly challenge I made a mistake, I missed Michele Grady ring and didn't post it. 
I am so sorry !

Here is Michele beautiful ring:

"It is made from steel washers that have been stacked and soldered, a round amethyst and a round sterling ring band."

Our September challenge due to August 31st is:
Show us what you can do with your favorite hammer.
Please post the picture of the hammer you used as well.



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