Sunday, November 20, 2011

Work Of Art–Season 2 Episode 5–“Ripped from the Headlines”

Premiere: November 9, 2011
The artists must create a piece of art that illustrates a headline which strikes a cord with them.
Hmmm. 19 kids and counting prego again or fumbling Rick Perry?
“I don’t really like to reading news papers anymore. All headlines make me so sad – almost every headlines are bad news. in addition, they are more political and more yellow than ever. I really don’t like to read the News but I like reading good articles with good writing.
I’ve decided to make my own headlines.
“No New = Good News” and I think it say all.
I choose to add 7 pearls to the sheet of newspaper cut from fine silver.
Why 7 pearls?
Cause - 7 Is a lucky number.
Why pearls?
There is a phrase in Hebrew that in translation is “pearls of language“ in a way it’s like “pearls of wisdom”. For me the pearls symbolize the reach of language which is missing recently.”
“The article was talking about the Occupy Wall Street movement, specifically the protest by UC Berkeley students, specifically protesting about UC Budget cuts. Officer were called and arrived in full riot gear. 32 students were arrested, "One female professor offered her wrists for cuffing, and was instead held and then dragged by her hair across the lawn... the students were not violent. They were engaged in an act of necessary patriotism vital to any democracy, exercising their rights to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly."
Growing up in Ohio in the 60's and 70's, this struck a chord with me. It reminded me of the shootings at Kent State. Maybe the phrase "full riot gear" specifically. And how we have to be careful that these rights aren't taken away and turned into a violent power struggle.
My piece is a pendant done in the style of Robert Indiana's famous LOVE poster and sculpture from the 60's. 'Freedom' was pierced out copper and enameled red with a sugar coating. Sandwiched in-between a copper enameled background of green and blue and fused copper wire resembling a jail cell.”
“Occupy Me Necklace:
I chose an article on the Occupy Movement, which seems to be spreading against the odds with cold whether coming and evictions from their campsites. So here's a pendant made of copper with a hemp necklace. It states OCCUPY with some words exemplifying where they are and what they are up to: ME, Wall St., L.A.,, University, London, NYC, Oakland, 99%, Camp, Movement are words around the edge. The back just has a circle or "O".”
“Headline: Airport scanners that 'strip' passengers naked are banned over fears they cause cancer
EU introduces ban while danger of X-ray machines is fully assessed
Yup. These are the scanners that we go through regularly here in the states. Comforting. I read this and immediately had a personal connection to the story. My husband flies several times a month for work. He hates these things. He almost missed a flight to a business meeting because he was arguing with the TSA agent about his choice to get scanned or groped. I hate that the safety of the radiation level is still undetermined and my husband goes through a machine up to eight times a month!
I thought that cuffs were appropriate. I thought of cuffs as actually being a symbol with dual meanings. First, as a symbol of the helplessness I feel when I travel to have to be put through something that I absolutely do not believe in. And, second, as a symbol of strength (like Wonder Woman) to endure and fight back.”
Episode 6: Street Dealers
Premiere: November 16, 2011
The artists are challenged to leave their mark on New York with a work that embodies the subversion of street art.
Submit challenge entries by midnight Nov. 23.
I think that says it all. Use street art as your muse. Have fun and don't do anything to get yourselves arrested on this one.

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Kira said...

All four pieces are fantastic. Each piece is a thoughtful response to the headlines.

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