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Project Accessory: Season 1-Episode 1 "Accesorize This?"

This Weeks Challenge:

Project Accessory Challenge
Tweleve designers arrive in New York to compete in the first season ever of Project Accessory! The were taken to a warehouse in New Jersey and given 30 minutes to rummage through two storage units full of "junk" to gather materials for the challenge. They were challenged to make a necklace, belt and an accessory of their choice to go with a white t-shirt and jeans.

EtsyMetal Challenge
The challenge for the designers was to create something fabulous out of junk. We all have a junk drawer in our house. (I have four!) The drawer with the "junk" we save for no apparent reason. So go dig through the junk drawer and find the fabulous to create an accessory of your choice to pair with a simple t-shirt and jeans. Necklace, earrings, bracelet, belt, or's up to you! Limit yourself to ONLY what is in the junk drawer for materials. No materials from the bench except glue and paint. Of course, full access to all of your tools.

Here are the submissions:

For this first PA episode I was not at home and couldn't bear to miss this first challenge. So trying to be a good guest (not really, I just wanted the rusty metal) I cleaned my friends roof of all the rusty its' and bits I could find! It's a win-win for everyone Smile hee hee. I decided this would just have to do for my "junk drawer items."
I then set them out, I did not use snips or pliers, but only just my fingers and bent and wrapped them together. I wanted to incorporate more of the pieces but I didn't want to bust out any "real" tools, I was feeling a bit lazy I have to admit, and I wanted to see just what would materialize. I picked up 2 paintbrushes (which I snipped the heads off) the day before from the "flea" market (literally I have gotten all bitten up! ha-ha!)
I used scraps of embroidery thread and some super glue, and there we have it!

(Second Submission)
This second submission was made impulsively, it is made up of a plastic coffee lid, white quartz gravel (from the roof) and the "jewelers four letter word."

Silent Goddess
Took me about 2 seconds to find perfect makings for earrings for this first challenge. These little brass escutcheons came off of an antique baker's cabinet I bought at a local antique mall. They had put them behind the crystal knobs and took away from the overall look of the cabinet. When I opened my junk drawer I immediately thought they would make kickin' earrings to be worn with jeans and a tee.

Nina Gibson
I found a Delaware quarter and an old penny in my junk drawer. I cut out the horse rider from the quarter, rolled out the penny and soldered. I also found a bit of ribbon left over from a Valentine's Day bag of cookies and a washer to turn it into a bracelet.

Rummaging through the junk drawer gave me an opportunity to actually "clean" the junk out. I settled on a brass bookmark, nintendo charger cord and an acrylic star to create my accessory.

And for next week...
Project Accessory
Sole Searching
Season 1~Episode 2

Aired: 11/3/11, 10pm/9ct
View Episode here:

Project Accessory Challenge
The designers were given the classic little black dress as the canvas and 10 minutes to grab a finished piece of jewelry as inspiration from Swarovski Crystal Store. They were challenged to make a complimenting "adjustment" to the inspiration piece, pair of shoes and an accessory of their choice. Quite a challenge for only episode 2!

EtsyMetal Challenge
The challenge for EtsyMetal will be to create a pair of complimenting earrings to go with one of the designers pair of shoes from the show. (We have got to have a bit of a challenge too!) You can view the shoes here:

Now go be creative!

Submissions due: 12 midnight pst Next Thursday, 11/10/11.

**guidelines for guest submissions**
Please read this every week as there may be small updates and changes. The pieces you submit must be pieces that are made specifically for that weeks challenge. Then post a link to your challenge creation in this weeks comment area before the deadline.
*We only are accepting guest submissions from our blog comment area at this time, insert your links there. Then please cross-post this to your Blog, Flickr, Etsy, etc. And tag them with "EMPA 1.2". We will post your name with a link and a picture of your piece on our blog. Thedeadline for guest submissions will be Thursday at 12 am (midnight), Pacific Standard Time. The new blog posts and the new challenge will go up the Friday after the new episode airs.

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