Sunday, November 13, 2011

Work Of Art–Season 2, episode 4–“Back to school”

Episode 4: Back to School
Premiere: November 2, 2011
The artists are challenged to create a piece of art inspired by the original artwork of the child they are paired with.
“I used the art from one of the kids on the show, but I can't find a copy of it online. It was the one where this kid just drew eyes. His eye drawings were fantastic and totally inspired me. I have tons of old family photos. I cropped out the eyes and enlarged them; then drew them; then folded a piece of metal into 6 rectangles; pierced out 'seen' in the top panel and dapped an indentation on the bottom panel; enameled 4 of them white then drew the eyes of me, my mother, my father and my grandmother with graphite and refired them. I put a glass eye bead into the indentation; then riveted on a handmade pin back. I also added some alcohol inks.”

Next challenge: 
Episode 5: Ripped from the Headlines
Premiere: November 9, 2011
The artists must create a piece of art that illustrates a headline which strikes a cord with them.
Hmmm. 19 kids and counting prego again or fumbling Rick Perry?
Pick your favorite headline and have in it by midnight Nov. 16th.

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