Sunday, November 27, 2011

Work Of Art - Season 2 Episode 6–“Street Dealers”

Premiere: November 16, 2011
The artists are challenged to leave their mark on New York with a work that embodies the subversion of street art.
Submit challenge entries by midnight Nov. 23.
I think that says it all. Use street art as your muse. Have fun and don't do anything to get yourselves arrested on this one.


I saw this as a great opportunity to make my son a pair of earrings he had designed about 6 months ago. He has done his share of street art, so he wanted me to make him the nozzles off of a spray paint can. With some bling in the spray hole. Well, I kept putting it off because the whole thing seemed very complicated to me. So when the work of art challenge was street art, I felt it could motivate me to make them.
They are on ss posts that you can't see in this picture. And figuring out the order to do things was also very interesting... melted a few posts along the way. They have faceted swarovski crystals in the spray hole.
So my son came home last night and I showed him the earrings. He liked them, but he told me what he really wanted was something flat, so you could see the top and the arrow, with the stone set in. Well, of course I didn't know that and went the whole way of constructing spray paint nozzles in 3-d!”

“I love doing street photography. I used to go out day and night with my pro camera and shoot. I love especially doing night photography.
This one I made in Tel Aviv, in an old neighborhood called “Neve Tzedek” (means Abode of Justice) very special place with lots of Art. The turquoise tongues reminds me this picture I took few years ago and were inserted to be part of this picture”

Episode 7: La Dolce Arte 
Premiere: November 30, 2011 
The artists must utilize one automobile component from a Fiat 500 and transform it into a piece of art.

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