Friday, September 9, 2011

Project Runway: Season 9: Episode 6 -"The Art of the Matter"

This weeks challenge:
Air: 8.25.11
My Lifetime, Thursdays, 9pm PST.

The Project Runway Challenge:
The designers were teamed up with kids from an arts school and asked to collaborate on a work of art and use that as inspiration for an avant garde piece.

For Our Etsy Metal Translation:
Make a an "avant garde" piece of jewelry using a work of art as your inspiration. If you have access to a child and want to collaborate on something, go for it!.

I used found materials from outside and yarn for this challenge, since my niece's pic was nature inspired. Head dress...Fun!!!

I was thrilled to be able to use a painting created by my son, Cody as my inspiration for this week's challenge. It hangs in my studio next to my bench. Keeps me a bit saner during the dull, gray winter months.

I really liked doing this, I so love these first drawings of people...they melt my heart.
The drawing is holding a 'pencil' and standing on a rainbow of pencils! The stand is made by recycling an old battered pencil tin and is simple in construction.

Well, I do not have kids and my niece lives in, I used Bert's painting with the geometric shapes from the show. But, really I used Wassily Kandinsky's "Yellow-Red-Blue" from 1925. This poster hangs in our bathroom, so I look at it every day. I mirrored the four pyramids in a row.

I used Becky's artist, who painted a picture of space. I used the green and orange colors from the painting against a liver of sulphur black night sky background. The part that goes around the head is forged copper, with holes drilled in and orange and green enamel pieces attached to represent stars in the sky. It's blackened with LOS. The veil is made from copper wire mesh with a heat patina and a LOS trim. It ties in the back and can tighten enough to fit any head!! I'm just realizing that I forgot to attach some crystal beads to veil. This may actually go better with Josh C's hooker look!

My inspiration is my 7years old niece Ann. She loves painting. I went yesterday to my mom and found this little sketch she made few days ago.
Sterling silver, etched and filled with colored wax.

I really liked Victor's dress and I had these boulder turquoise in similar colors so I tried to add a few details that corresponded with the curves in their painting. Anyway, this was one week I thought I wouldn't get anything done... blah!

Brass. I was inspired by the painting Anya had to work with.

Brass, Copper, Baroque Pearl, Acrylic, Ink, Wax
Reliquary: A finger bone from St Francis' hand that held the paw of the wolf of Gubbio. Can stand as shown or be worn as a pendant. I used this image as inspiration.

My boys loved their cars when they were small. The shapes and movement they captured so well in their drawings have been trapped in my traffic jam necklace of laminated paper.

Guest entry from Maria Apostalou!
I was going to use a child's artwork as an inspiration but then I stumbled upon "Small Picture of Firtrees" by Paul Klee. The color scheme and the assymetrical rectangles completely captivated me. So I made an embroidery piece using a similar color combination and set it in an oxidized copper frame. I made the cord to hang the pendant by tearing and stitching pieces of fabric. The final piece ended up reminding me more of a Modrian than Klee but I guess this can happen :-)

Next weeks challenge:
The Project Runway Challenge:
The designers were divided into two groups of five. They were given the opportunity to create their own unique textiles and asked to create a cohesive collection.

For Our Etsy Metal Translation:
Since this challenge was about pattern and textile, our challenge is to incorporate those into a piece. Do it however you like, etching, roller printing, drawing, or just fabricate a piece that forms a pattern or texture. Make it work!

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Leidi said...

The results for this episode are my favourite so far, great work, you guys are amazing!

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