Thursday, September 22, 2011

Charm Swap 8 - week 25

Only about week to go until all the charms are due in....So this week I have a bunch of updates.

The first is from Karla of KarlaWheelerDesign has finished her charms and they are in the mail and on their way! Karla says "They came out a bit more pink then red, but I suppose a little pink never hurt anyone!" I agree Karla, and I think they look great!

And I actually have update for myself this time around! I, Michele from MicheleGradyDesigns, finally came up with an idea for my charms. Nothing like the last minute! My charms are inspired by my mixed metal cuffs. I have 6 done so far and hopefully today and tomorrow I will be able to pop out the rest!

Reagan of ReaganHayhurst finished her charms as well and they are ready to ship! Her little hearts look great!

Ruby from Iacua finished her charms as well. Ruby says "I molded coralline algae, a most beautiful and delicate algae that grows along the California coast.I manipulated the waxes into three pieces, the main bell, the clapper and the tag. The beautiful, bone like structure of the algae is stunning. Every segment is slightly different. I signed the tag with ‘iacua 2011’on the back.The bell measures just over 1” long. Made of solid brass." They look great, Ruby!

Tosca from Nanopod sent this work in progress photo and says "These are some water droplets containing life." I can't wait to see the finished product!

Victoria Takahashi from Experimetal is the one in charge of collecting  and reshipping all the charms this time around and Victoria has already received 4 packages which are ready and waiting to be opened and divided. I can't wait to see all the charms together!

Until next time!~ Michele


Victoria Takahashi said...

This is the funnest part, when all the momentum at the end and they all start rushing in, it just builds the anticipation up so much for me! yayayy! beautiful pieces everyone!

Shelby said...

I'm looking forward to seeing all the submissions. Great work!

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