Thursday, September 29, 2011

Charm Swap 8 - week 26

As CS8 comes close to an end we have many updates from our members on what their finished charms look like. If all goes well all the charms should be sent in this week and as soon as they are received they will be repackaged and sent out to all the participants so each of us will have a total of 20 new charms, one from each participant. Can't wait to get mine back in the mail! This week Erin from ErinAustin finished her charms and they look great!

 Jen from JenLawlerDesigns made these great little charms that have been sent on their way to Victoria of Experimetal. Victoria is collecting all the charms and repackaging them to be shipped back out to each participating member.

Katheryn of KathernRiechert finished her charms as well and dropped them in the mail a few days ago. They are on the way!

Laura from SimplyAdorning has packaged up her charms and shipped them out this week too!

 Meg from SimplyMega also finished her charms and have sent them on their way as well!

Nina from NinaGibsonDesigns has a bunch of charms ready to ship even though she was only pulled of the waiting list last week due to a last minute drop out!

Norsola from NorsolaJohnson finished her charms today too!

And yes, last but not least, I, Michele from MicheleGradyDesigns have finished mine as well! YAY! They were shipped out this week also. Can't wait to see them all together on the bracelet that will eventually make it's way to team shop!


Jillian said...

I saw one of Jen's charms in person on Saturday, and it was so beautiful!

Suzanne said...

I am constantly amazed at the talent that is showcased in Etsy Metal. I love blog and all those charms!

Steven Conover said...

So many varieties of metal and jewelry crafts, amazing!!
etsy jewelry

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