Thursday, September 15, 2011

Charm Swap 8 - week 24

Well our charms are all due in by the end of this month so this week there seems to be quite a few of us who are finally getting work on them! Nothing like procrastination and a deadline to get things! This week we have 5 updates. Our first one is from Karla of KarlaWheelerDesign . She sends this photo and says "I started off so ahead of the game, and then life happened. I made some progress this weekend by soldering on jump rings and pouring the resin. Now it’s just filing, sanding and polishing!" Looking good Karla!

Katheryn from KatherynRiechert sends us these photos of her charms. She was just recently pulled off the waiting list due to a cancelation, Katheryn says "I'm a little late to the party, as an alternate and now participant, but yesterday after some playing I'm leaning towards this design. (Sterling silver and brass with patina and emerald bead)". Great idea Katheryn!

Meg Auth from SimplyMega sent this photo of her idea and says "Here is the design of my charm- I will start production soon! It is based on my OMegA series." I can't wait to see the finished product Meg! 


We also have an update from Laura Pacino from SimplyAdorning. Laura says "After 2 or 3 changes in direction, I've decided to go with these charms....they are layered mixed metal - brass, copper, anodized aluminum that I am adding permanent color to, all held together with a tube rivet. Here are some work in progress pictures, and a sample of a finished piece from a bracelet that I made with similar techniques. I hope you like them!" I love the pop of color the anodized aluminum brings to this piece!

And last but not least Victoria Takahashi from Exprimetal sent this photo of her works in progress. She says "Moving along quite nicely and on schedule now, my charms will be finished soon!" Love the shape of these charms Victoria!

Until next time!~ Michele from MicheleGradyDesigns

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