Sunday, April 18, 2010

Project Runway Jewelry Challenge 7.13/14: Finale

WELCOME to the reveal of last weeks' Episode 12
"The Big, Top Designers!"
Below are our Two EtsyMetal member and one guest entries!
Last weeks' TV challenge was to create a look inspired by the circus!

Ladies & Gentlemen, may I direct your attention to the center ring, where you are about to witness a spectacular feat! In just a moment, our performer will climb all the way to the top of this ladder and jump into the small pool of water below. Will he survive? wait and see!
Trapeze Necklace, made from sterling and copper.

street signs and sterling silver.
*amuckdesign was inspired by the circus theme. Please click the link to see several amazing circus pieces! Thank you for participating!
Episode 13/14:
Finale, parts 1 & 2
watch Part 1
In the spirit of Project Runway, create a mini collection consisting of
Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet, Ring & one Designers' Choice.

Designs will be due Friday, April 30th at 6 pm. pst.

Make it work!

*guidelines for guest participants*

The pieces you submit must be pieces that are made specifically for that weeks challenge. Then post your links in this weeks comment area, they will be retrieved as they come in before the deadline. *We only are accepting guest submissions from our blog comment area at this time, insert your links there. Then please cross-post this to your Blog, Flickr, Etsy, etc. And tag them with "Project Runway Season 7 Episode 12." We will post your name with a link and a picture of your pieces on our blog.

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fluxplay said...

I LOVE all those designs! They're so much fun!!!!

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