Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Etsy Artist Feature: Connie Akers

I wanted to tell you a little about artist and Etsy seller Connie Akers who creates beautiful and striking art using fiber.

Connie makes a variety of things, including quilted art and hand painted scarves. Her work is influenced not only by color and texture, but also by family, nature, and travel.
She incorporates several techniques into her work. Among her favorites is fabric dyeing, and currently, she is also enjoying the technique of incorporating needle felting into her art quilts.

When asked how she got started doing fiber art, she answered:

I do not remember a time when fabric and thread weren't part of my life. The women in my family sewed, embroidered, quilted, and crocheted and I always loved the creative possibilites of these materials. In college I majored in Art Education and was sad that fiber weren't offered in the art department. After I started teaching I began to incorporate fiber into my program with macrame,stitchery, and needlepoint.

And if you recognize her last name, it's because her daughter, Ashley, is our very own Etsy Metal teammate!

Connie makes so many beautiful things, it was hard to choose my favorites to show you. So, please go to her shop to see more gorgeous scarves and fiber art. You can also read about her life and art on her blog: Sew Forth & Sew On, or view her photos on flickr.


Beth Cyr said...

How lovely! I can totally see that Ashley is her daughter!

Ashley said...

Thanks for featuring my mom! Of course I love her work and am quite inspired by her.

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