Friday, April 9, 2010

New Members: Hartleystudio and emetalworks


Ann of Hartleystudio says: "I started out my art life as a printmaker and loved it. The metal and stone, the mark making and the ink, all the mess and the process, I loved it all but didn’t like the finished product. I finished my BFA and was almost finished with MFA when I wandered into an art jewelry gallery and knew what I wanted to do. I have never looked back. I started over on that day, quitting my printmaking program, taking metalsmithing classes and applying to a new MFA program. After grad school I worked for 3 years as a goldsmith and learned about working with gold, platinum, precious stones and, most of all, clients! I love making wearable art as much as I love making jewelry for every day. I am a full time mother of two little kids and a part time metalsmith but I look forward to a day when it’s just me, all day, in the studio."


Emily of emetalworks says: "My work seems to end up being about texture...patinated, rolled, hammered and more recently by adding fabrics, plexiglass and other (ahem) flammable materials that i enjoy trying to successfully incorporate with metal and to add a different flavor!"
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