Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ring-a-Day (January 12 thru 18)

Here is a just glimpse of what EtsyMetal members have been creating for the RAD Challenge from January 12 -18, 2010. You can also visit the RAD flicker group to many more incredible rings! And don't miss the important announcement at the end of this post!

1. Nina Gibson 2. Elizabeth Scott 3. Su (Quercus)
4. Catherine Chandler 5. Danielle Miller 6. Lisa (lpjewelry)
7. Ashley Akers 8. Rachelle from mikeandmary 9. Alisa Miller

In the midst of all this creative energy and fun, our world has experienced one of it's greatest tragedies due to the earthquake in Haiti. But, thanks to Thomasin Durgin and the ring she made as an homage to the people of Haiti, we all can help! We are very proud to say that many Ring-a-Day artists are donating rings to raise money to help Haiti in this incredible time of need. She has gathered 26 rings thus far and will be auctioning them off in the near future. Stay tuned to her blog for the auction information and the name of the charity the money will be donated to.


Thomasin Durgin said...

Thanks, Danielle!

AmyE said...

I am totally inspired by all the creativity going on here! Fabulous rings.

Searched And Found said...

These are awesome rings! Love the finds : )

Dale said...

wow this is so amazing to see all the rings!

Is there a way we can post up rings we make too, or is this for members?

I'm totally inspired and making my own too!

NinaGibsonDesigns said...

Dale, Ring A Day is a flickr group open to anyone. Just join and add your photos to the group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/rad2010/

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