Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ring-a-Day (January 5 thru 11)

Here is a just glimpse of what EtsyMetal members have been creating for the RAD Challenge from January 5 -11. We all have been truly inspired and are so happy Nina Dinoff proposed this project!

1. Tomi aka MetalRiot 2. Shannon aka rubygirl 3. Paul aka noformdesign
4. Sarah Hood 5. Nina Gibson 6. Su aka Quercus Silver
7. Maggie J 8. Rachelle from mikeandmary 9. Sara Westermark

To see many more AMAZING rings from these EtsyMetal members and non-members, please visit and wade through the Ring-a-Day flickr pool!


Nina Dinoff said...

There are so many great ones. i cant stand it!

Kira said...

These are wonderful! Amazingly creative and clever!

alisa said...

this is so fun! i love looking at everyone's rings!

Go2girl.etsy.com said...

Amazing creativity! This is great.

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