Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Charm Swap Five Progress

Charm Swap Five is underway, the deadline for finished charms is January 31, 2010. As with previous swaps, each of the 20 participants creates 22 charms - one for each swap member and one to be sold in the EtsyMetal shop along with a bracelet that features all of the charms. Sales from this swap will go to a charitable arts organization, yet to be determined. SimplyMega, Tuizui, and Alphabettispaghetti were early birds and have have completed all of their charms. As for the rest of us, some have vague ideas, some have working prototypes, and a few will undoubtedly work right up to the deadline (I'm in the last group).

Alphabettispaghetti's wonderful spoon charms in progress:

and all completed:

SimplyMega's WIP pictures:

and her fun mixed-metal charms:

Tuizui's enameled charms made from argentium silver and PMC:

Experimetal will be creating her charms in the style of her silver necklace with captured steel ball:

sarawestermark says, "I've been toying with the idea of hollow charms with a stone setting. I think I might do a more moon or lunar surface with holes, but these were my prototypes. They are .75 inches wide."

CynthiaDelGiudice fold-formed copper WIP

Maggie J says her charm design is, "inspired by my new button rings I've been making. I have blue topaz, citrine, amethyst, peridot, and possibly garnet that size, so there will be a variety of colors."

KathrynRiechert plans "to do little jeweler amulets. Each will have a quartz crystal on it and there are several different messages I've decided upon."

And finally, MarKaplan's WIP in textured silver:

Watch for more CS5 updates as we approach the January 31 deadline!

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