Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Charm Swap Five Update

The January 31 deadline for Charm Swap Five is fast approaching, and several members have finished their charms, while some of us have yet to begin!

Nina Gibson's sterling silver charms are still in progress, and will eventually become a little portion from her loopy link bracelet.

Mark Kaplan has finished his wonderful sterling bells. Mark says, "There is a historical reference to these... I used to make mother in law bells...Among the Native American Tribe called Dine' (Navajo), there is a taboo that an adult male should never look his mother in law in the eyes... So the mother in law would wear a small bell around her neck to alert to man to her presence.... they were often made of small silver coins, domed with an attached clacker...."

Kathryn Riechert created lovely amulets made of antique/vintage silver plate spoons, quartz crystal, and an enameled copper flower.

For the jewelers they say:
May your fingers always be nimble
May your hammer never miss
May your pickle always be fresh
May your drill bits never dull
May your stones never crack
May your files never clog
May your tanks never run empty
May your tools never rust
May your solder always flow
May your saw blades never break

And for the shop charm and bracelet they say:
May your socks always match

Shannon Conrad has sandcast lego charms, and they really work!

Lynette Andreasen has completed her beautiful silver charms with tube set pearls.


fionachapman said...

These are fantastic. I love reading about the etsymetal charm swaps.

eve said...

wow what a great collection of charms, i love the lego and little flower charms, they are so sweet.

Victoria said...

WOWZA! looks like the EtsyMetal team is going above and beyond this round.
you guys are so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

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