Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tube Setting Trick

Awhile back, we featured an article on tube setting, that was a great inspiration for my new work. I started playing with the technique & wanted a way to place the setting in between the band rather than sitting atop it. Here's one way that worked really well for me:

solder your base band & size it as needed. Use hard solder.

take a cutting disc in your flex shaft & lightly grind out two spaces along the band (I put mine OVER my original seam) that will hold your tube setting

tube setting instructions

Place your tube setting on your soldering block & solder the band onto it. I later sliced the section of ring from the center of the tube section so that it would have clean lines.

tube setting instructions

finish setting as usual and voila!

tube setting instructions


Unknown said...

Don't know if you're aware that the photos are missing from this post, but would be really helpful to see them!

Beth Cyr said...

thanks meghan! i'll get the photos changed this week! so sorry about that!

Unknown said...

Beth - I'm also eagerly awaiting your pix!


Unknown said...

AWESOME! I've been searching for a way to do this! Thank you Nita at PointyPaws for directing me to this blog! YAY! Now I can finish this ring for a customer: )

Kaitlin Kurek said...

so the gem doesnt fall through if you slice out the ring part?

Beth Cyr said...

kkurek -
The setting has a seat in it that keeps the stone in place.

You can buy premade tube settings that have the seat cut already or you can cut a seat in plain tubing.

Unknown said...

I know it has been awhile since this post, but what type of cutting wheel are you using?

trash said...

I may have missed something. It appears that the ring is a bent or rounded tube, along with a tube setting for the stone. I have only read one explanation on tube bending without denting. The ring is wonderful. Is there a tutorial on tube bending on this site as well?

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