Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tip #14 - Building up a Setting Seat

Sometimes when you get your bezel soldered onto your base, you discover that it's too high for the stone you are about to set, or you just want that stone to sit a little higher than it's own hight. You can use just about anything to build it up the seat, but here's a good one that will incorporate your recycling efforts. Save those credit card offers you get in the mail that include a fake plastic card, or use up your spent gift cards.

Simply trace the shape of your cabochon onto the card with a sharpie, cut it out and place into your bezel. Try to avoid the places on the card where numbers or letters are raised, so that the stone will sit evenly on its seat. You can use as many layers of card as needed, and don't forget that dental floss when you're testing the fit (see tip #12). The plastic won't degrade over time like cardboard will, and will leave you a raised, evenly seated setting.


Contrariwise said...

GREAT tip.

I have tons of old cards sitting in my desk drawer. Now I know what I'll be doing with them.

Sayo said...

What a great tip! Thank you!

tkmetalarts said...

How clever!

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