Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Danielle's Bud Vase - Part 2

The making of my base vase, continued...

The next step in making my bud vase was to sink my second disc. You do this by hammering the disc into a piece of wood with a shallow bowl chiseled out.
After I sunk it to my desired shape, I then planished it. Now that I have my two main parts, I have to trim and file the bottom hemisphere so it will can be soldered to the top dome.

The next step is to make the pieces for the neck of the vase. I decided to use the scrap left from cutting out my discs. I laid out the shapes in paper and glued them to my metal so I could accurately cut the pieces out. Then I formed them on a mandrel.

Once I had the neck pieces formed, I soldered them together.
Next Wednesday I will show you how I finished the bud vase...

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Blind Spot Jewellery said...

Wowww! This tutorial is amazing!! I have been always interested in silver smithing but I know little about it. Thank you for shareing!

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