Friday, September 26, 2008

Etsymetal News 9.26.08

WOW! Lots of news this week...

sudlow's Heart of California Necklace was featured on Rare Birds Finds!

esdesigns's Aspen Leaf Necklace was a fall inspired pick on

alphabettispaghetti, gemmafactrix, indiaylaluna and TreAnelli were featured in the Storque article Simple Jewelry!

On Wednesday, 9.24 ashleyjewelry's website was linked on the ring-licious blog the carrotbox!

Colleen Baran had two rings nominated in this year's Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum People's Award! Please vote for her...twice at The Love Inside #5 and 'I Miss You'

jessedanger's Anax Imperator Machina is featured in Art Jewelry Magazine and is animated on their website! Check it out...very cool!

Don't forget that Laura Crawford will be at the Corvallis Fall Festival in Oregon on 9.27 & 28!

...and several etsymetal members graced the front page of Etsy!

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