Friday, September 19, 2008

EtsyMetal News 9.19.08

Lots of news this week! Laura Crawford (creator of this gorgeous piece) will be traveling for the next few weeks to several shows. If you are in the area - here is the info: September 27 & 28 she will be at the Corvallis Fall Festival, Corvallis, Oregon, and on October 4 she will be at the Artisan Show & Sell, Signal Hill, CA. Stop by and get some early holiday gifts or just oggle at her amazing work!

Several of our members were at Renegade in Chicago - were you there? Did you have some rain boots? The reports were great, but water logged. Nina Dinoff even went on the hunt for some rain boots but they were sold out everywhere. Too bad none of them were selling rain shoes! Though thankfully, metal jewelry is water proof!

Colleen Baran was given an Honorable Mention for the inaugural 2008 Designers of the Year Award! Check out more on her blog!

Maggie's electroforming tutorial is going to be mentioned in the new Instructables book!! Make sure to keep an eye out for that. I know its been one of our most popular tutorials here on the blog.

Lena and Ashley are sharing a booth at the Bishop Arts Peace Festival in Oak Cliff in Dallas TX - Sunday from 12:30 to 8:30.

Danielle was featured on this super cool blog.

And on the minds of all of us are the constant fluctuation of metal prices. Gold and Silver dropped drastically last week and then has been slowly creeping back up. There seemed to be a run on materials and some of our favorite suppliers have been out of some key pieces! Sigh... its kind of like playing the slot machines...

Thats about it for the week, lots going on - even more than what I could mention here I'm sure!

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Dominika Naborowska said...

Hi! Thanks for mentioning my blog! My pleasure to mention Danielle on Panie Przodem. We know each other from Flickr as well, so I can keep in touch with her new work :)
all the best,

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