Friday, July 18, 2014

Charm Swap 14 update......

Hi All! Welcome back to this week's update on Charm Swap 14! 

Today we have a sketch from Leslie Zemenek of Z Leslie Jewelry who says "My sketch for the 2014 EtsyMetal Team Charm Swap. Hammered Copper with a layer of brushed Sterling Silver attached with Sterling Silver rivets. The stone is to be 4mm Carnelian. I'll be hammering a lot of rivets!" ....That is a lot of rivets! I can't wait to see the finished product!

 And from Victoria Tachahashi of Experimetal we have this update..."here was my half done charm swap pieces from an idea I didn't finish, but I think I will use them for Charm Swap 14... I "think" I will  I have so many ideas but I really should finish and use these milagro! There is a hand, skull, foot, eyes & hearts!"...I would love to see what Victoria ends up doing with these pieces...wouldn't you?

And last but not least we have a photo from TinkerSue of  TinkerTown. Sue says "Yeah! I have finished my "master" charm! I've written down all the measurements and to order my supplies and get to making. Here is a small first look:"....

Hmmm...I wonder what this is going to look like when it is all put together....Keep checking back here for updates! Until next time! ~ Michele

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