Friday, July 11, 2014

Charm Swap 14 update....

Hi All! Not too much to report on this week as far as the charm swap goes....We have news from Laura of Laura Roberson who says "I'm finally getting around to settling on a design for my charms. I'm creating a collection of jewelry based on my town's glacial 'potholes' and thought that they'd make nice charms as well. Just working out the details now and waiting for more silver to arrive. I should have a photo or 2 to share next week." If you don't know what Laura is talking about she is from Massachusetts and you can find lots of interesting info and photos on the "glacial potholes" by "Googling" them. I am very curious to see what she will come up with for a charm! 

And even though I, Michele from Michele Grady Designs, have an idea of what material I would like to make my charms from....I still haven't had a chance to work on a design for them yet.. I am thinking maybe something floral...but lucky for me there is still time to play around and change my mind! 

Until next time~ Michele

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