Thursday, June 5, 2014

Etsy Metal 3xR Challenge week 21

We are still going with vim and vigour on our 3xR quest this year.  A gorgeous bunch of beauties this week from Panic Mama's Renee Ford.  She has used 14K palladium and a champagne diamond in this pretty necklace.  Ann Hartley of Hartley Studio has also been using champagne diamonds (and some 14K yellow gold) in her work.  This week we also have more from Danielle's 'Sticks and Stones' collection and Kingly cuffs from Virginie Martin Studio.  Finally, a simple textured ring and Queen Anne's Lace imprinted earrings from Cari-Jane Hakes.  

Are we almost half way yet?

Not quite - but we will be back next week with more treasure, transformed and looking rather tremendous!

1. Panic Mama 2. and 3. Hartley Studio 4. and 5. Danielle Miller Jewelry
6. Virginie Martin Studio 7. and 8. Cari-Jane Hakes

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