Friday, June 27, 2014

Charm Swap 14 update....

Hello! I am back this week with an update for Charm Swap 14 (CS14) This week we have 3 updates.... the first is from Victoria of Experimetal. She says "I feel confident that I know what I am making for CS14 now! I feverishly sat up in bed last night and planned away and now just to start the master! I DO have 4 back-up plans just in case though ;) ~ SO to give a little hint... clip, clip, clip, clip, clip! I'll get a photo in next week!"...hmmmmm...i wonder what she is up to....

Our second update is from Shannon of Rubygirl. Shannon sent in this photo and says "I think I am going to cast these tiny Lego blacksmith hammers for my charms. Either in silver or bronze. What do you think?" ....I think they are great and would look awesome in either metal! What do you think? 

And our final update this week is from Jen of Prox. Jen says "I think I'm going to do something with my lions. I've been a little lion obsessed lately, so why not!" That's a lot of sawing Jen... and they look great! 

Until next week! ~Michele

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