Friday, June 6, 2014

Charm Swap 13 Charms have ARRIVED!

The much anticipated Charm Swap 13 charms have been distributed to all of the swap participants.  I was so excited to get my package this morning!  I promptly ripped it open before the mail lady had left the porch...

Adorable hula girl pouch was provided by our Charm Manager, Shae of CitiZen Objects.  The treasures that lie within are precious and amazing!

I am amazed by each and every one.  The little precious doll arm, the piggy butt, the blossom branch...They are all made with such care and detail.  I can't wait to just sit and handle each one, feeling the surface of the textures, feel their kinetic abilities, discover each artists signature. 

This challenge is by far one of my favorite reasons for being in EtsyMetal.  Its a great opportunity to collect little treasures from my teammates and be part of a fundraising event. 

Excited to see what Charm Swap 14 brings!  Stay tuned for next week when we get to see the progress made on charms for the 14th swap!


Victoria Takahashi said...

eeeEEE!!! love them I am so excited, waiting eagerly for my package to arrive :D Lovely photos!

Francine said...

Can't wait until I can participate!

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