Thursday, March 6, 2014

3XR Challenge 2014 Week 8

The Etsy Metal 3XR participants have been busy this week! Have a look at the beautiful pieces they've been making using the 3 R's--Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

1. Betsy Bensen Lavender lace agate pendant, sterling, 14kt, 2. Virginie Martin Studio Paisley Ring 3xR Week 8, 3. e5Jewelry 3xR/6, 4. Hartley Studio 3xR week 7, 5. L. Sue Szabo L. SUE SZABO/ 3XR 7-8-9-10, 6. Christine Mighion 3XR 03 Watermelon Tourmaline & Recycled 14k Rose Gold Stud Earrings, 7. Nina Gibson 3XR #6 Turquoise Blooms Necklace, 8. Hartley Studio 3xR week 8, 9. SCJ Jewelry Design Mixed Metals Reversable flush set cz pear shaped pendant EM 3xR/wk8, 10. Kelly Hosford Patterson Fluttering At My Window 009, 11. Cari-Jane Hakes Cari-Jane Hakes, homage to Richard Long

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