Thursday, March 13, 2014

3xR Challenge 2014 Week 9

By my calculations we are 17.31% of the way through this challenge!  We still have a way to go, but I for one am enjoying the push this challenge gives me to evolve some new designs. Personally, I'm using it as a test bed for new ideas, reused, repurposed and recycled from of the things I already have in my workshop. On ward team 3xR! Only 82.69 % left to go!

1. 3xR/7, 2. L. SUE SZABO/ 3XR 7-8-9-10, 3. 3xR week 9, 4. 3xR week 9, 5. Late Spring Pendant - 3 x R Week 9, 6. Late Spring Pendant.1, 7. Cari-Jane Hakes, week 9, Etsy Metal 3xR challenge, 8. Lace agate, pearl drop, long pendant, 9. 3xr logo

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