Friday, March 28, 2014

Charm Swap 13 ~ Charms are starting to come in!

We are down to the finish date and charms are starting to be sent and hopefully arriving soon!  Here are a few wonderful charms that are finished and some that are very close to being finished!  Excited to see all the beautiful charms and be able to hold and touch each one.

L. Sue Szabo
"so, i was thinking, "what am i gonna do so this doesn't just seem like grunt work????". hmmmmmm, grunt work you say? that's when i had my revelation to make pig butts. at least i was gonna have some fun."


"They are little forged branches with blossoms.  All of our cherry trees are in full blossom right now and they are SO incredible beautiful this year, so on my walk yesterday I was like, hunh, why don't I try and use these as inspiration for my charm, so I am!"

Quench Metalworks
 Jen Lisa of Quench Metalworks finished up the wonderful little porcelain arms.

 Nina Gibson Designs
"Here's my prototype, which worked! yay! The pennies will spin. The copper strip has a little "13" on one side. The pennies are from 1932 - I had a whole role of these wheaties. So I have all the strips and other pieces ready to go - Just need to assemble them and I'll be done."

"I changed my mind a bit and went with a simpler feather engraved charm. All are soldered and stamped and I am in the progress of engraving. 3 are finished and I should be able to get a few in each day."

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