Thursday, January 16, 2014

3xR Challenge 2014 week1

We do like to push ourselves here at Etsy Metal.  A brand new year means a brand new challenge for some of our members.  This year we will be Reducing, Reusing and Recycling, those are the 3 R's.  It's time to dust off those pieces at the back of the drawer and re-purpose and reuse them.  It's time to reduce our stash of cabochons and gems.  It's time to recycle our scrap metal.

I for one am really looking forward to a year of innovation and creativity as the 3xR challenge forces us to design and fabricate beautiful things from the stuff we already have in our workshops.

Without further ado, I give you, week 1 of the 3xR challenge.

1. Lapis statement earrings, 2. 3xR #1, 3. 1575TwoHeartsOnRibbonNecklace, 4. 3xR week 1 - snowed in, 5. Hammered silver drop earrings for the #UWYH #etsymetal challenge day 1, made from my scrap silver bits., 6. 3XR 01 Found Coral & Recycled 14k Gold Ring, 7. LittleSisterBigSisterEarrings.2, 8. 3XR, 9. Black Diamond Chiseled Ring, 10. 3XR Week One, 11. Sonoran Sunrise and Turquoise Handmade Necklace Silver, 12. L. SUE SZABO/BAW 52-45,46,47 and 3xR 1/2/3, 13. Sapphire Rings, 14. EF Leaf Necklace sterling silver turquoise and pearl20140108_923, 15. 3xR 2014 week 1

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