Thursday, January 30, 2014

3xR Challenge 2014 week 3

We have been digging deep in our respective studios to bring you another treasure trove of beauties for week 3 of our Reduce, Reuse and Recycle challenge for 2014.  Special mention this week for Kirsten Skiles of KnitSteel who has managed to reuse a copper raising sample from 1997.  She now has a rather fantastic Ikebana vase for her shop!  Can any of the 3xR-ers beat that?  Is there anything from the early 90's lurking in the back of your drawers that could become something beautiful? Come on, have a dig around!

1. 3xR week 3, 2. Prong set Chiseled Engagement - 3xR/3, 3. Etsymetal 3xR week 3, copper raising sample from 1997 turned into an ikebana vase. It's taken me forever. I think I'll use it as a shop vase., 4. Crazy lace agate cufflinks, sterling, 5. Heart silver copper mesh rivet necklace 1, 6. 3xR 3, 7. Bague Topaze Bleue Coussin.1, 8. 3xR Week 3 - Front of buckle, 9. 3XR #3, 10. 1579CopperLinesSet, 11. Kilt Pin for Burns' Night, 12. Imitation White Opal Sterling Silver Filigree Earrings, 13. L. SUE SZABO/BAW 52-45,46,47 and 3xR 1/2/3, 14. 14k White Gold Wedding Set with Asscher Cut White Sapphire, 15. 3xr logo

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