Thursday, February 23, 2012

Charm Swap 9 Update

I am back this week to bring you a bunch of great charm swap progress photos from several of our participants.

So without further ado!

Erin of erinaustin shows her charm progress from soldering to initial design layout:

You can read more about Erin's charm progress on her blog: Metal Musing

Tess from novadesigns shared these progress photos of her seahorse charms:

"I soldered all their little bodies together but they're missing fens and obviously the color so right now they look like little naked seahorses."

And Shae from citizenobjects is DONE!

I loved what she had to say about her charms:
"I think these were the most tedious things I have ever fabricated. But satisfying."

And my last update comes from Sarah of JujuBySarah.

Here is what she says about her charm progress:
"OK, I'm half way done! Twelve finished and ten to go. We had the photo stuff up yesterday, so I took some teaser shots."

Until next time...


Charm Bracelets said...

Love the colourful pendants...sometimes I buy many of the same design to wear with many dresses and make a signature look kind of a the colours.

Cori Marie said...

everything looks so nice.

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