Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ask Auntie EM - A plea for questions!

Here we are again, it's Tuesday and today's the day for Ask Auntie EM. That would be great, except Auntie EM is running out of questions. Yes, there is only one question left in our in box, a wonderful question about achieving a high polish, and we'll tackle that next week. This week, we are writing to ask YOU (yes, you) to help keep us going by asking us questions. So far, we have had all metal related questions, which is great, but we are a team of over 100 members with far reaching expertise and experiences. We can answer questions on LOTS of things! Without questions, Auntie EM can't go on and we wouldn't want that, would we?

If you've been a regular reader, you know the drill...but for those of you who aren't regulars, you can email your fabulous questions to askauntie@etsymetal.com and we'll get right to them! You can reread all our previous posts here so you're not asking a question that has already been answered...and then email us! Cooking, travel, child rearing, running a business...ask away and we will try our best to get an answer to you! Thanks for keeping Auntie EM in business!!!

Until next week, Happy metalsmithing from Sue and Ann!


Ann Hartley said...

Thanks to everyone who has submitted questions! We have quite a few good ones but keep 'um coming!!!

Victoria Takahashi said...

ok i will try again!
I posted 2 possible topics, but they did not show up, and wierd that i didnt get a notification in my email.. i must be doing somethgin wrong :)

1~torch fire enamelling and how to avoid the "overheating" of one side or the other when firing the opposite. what setups does everyone use, caand why?

2~gem(show) dealer terminology for the buyer. "heat treated, irradiated, dyes, bla bla etc." WHat are the new fancy retail terms and what are their true meanings?

thanks EM!

Victoria Takahashi said...

yesterday it asked for word verification... today it went straight through immediately with no hitches...? has to be (me) user error somehow...hmmm.

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