Thursday, February 16, 2012

Charm Swap 9 Update

Lots of new updates this week!

I finally bit the bullet and sat down early this week and started my charms. I found I was so caught up in figuring out a perfect design in my head that I wasn't actually coming up with anything. Creative block was certainly setting in. I decided just to pull up my chair to my bench and start playing around with some standard design shapes and this is what I came up with:

Due to the sky rocketing cost of sterling silver, I opted to do the majority of my charms in copper but I did sneak in some sterling casting grain to the design. I also wanted to add a splash of color to my charms with some torch fired enamels. Here is my finished charm prototype:

Back of charm:

I am quite happy with my final results. One down. Twenty one to go!

Laura from SimplyAdorning shared her charm design progress.

She says, " I have my concept figured out, it will probably end up being a round charm, but here's the idea of it. I took a Zentangle drawing class and it was both fun and inspiring, so I wanted to try and translate it to will be mixed metal, with riveting."

Shae from citizenobjects has been busy working on her charms too.

She shares this about her charms: "I finally have gotten underway. I thought I had it all figured out months ago, and then of course at the last minute I had an epiphany! Here are WIP photos and a prototype- don't worry, the real charms will be much nicer (I hope). The engineering of this took me a while- I am sure you sneaky jewelers could have done it in your sleep."

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